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Built for Advocates, Law Students and the public.

To educate the masses about the necessity of good, sound legal advice and to facilitate the use of technology for the Law fraternity

Online audio/video consultation

Public can seek instant legal consultation/second opinion via calls through the app

Submit Info

Register with your Email and mobile number. Briefly state your dispute/problem and choose language

Free or Paid

Make payment of ₹500/- for an Instant on-call consultation and proceed with the call or make a free call by choosing an advocate

Speak to an Advocate

Connect with an Advocate on a call on the app to discuss your issue in detail


Our Amazing Features

Easy Onboarding

Only registered advocates allowed on the platform. KYC is mandatory. For payouts, payment details must be added

Great Visibility

Once you add a case, it gets stored on the app. The next task based on the same case can be scheduled seamlessly 

Track and Manage

Once advocates apply for the task, you can choose the advocate of your choice to work on it and then he/she can start working on the task on the scheduled date and time.


Always in Control

The task giver has control to begin and end tasks based on the performance and the manner in which the task taker works on the task.

Control the flow

Accept the end of the task and to review the task. Once this is done, payment will be made automatically to the advocate who completes it.

Lots of possibilities

Advocate gets an associate to assist, when needed. Every case gets represented/attended, when called-out.To take Passovers/kept-by, To seek adjournments,To make minor submissions etc


Joy for Juniors

View all available tasks and can apply to those that they feel are viable. Once confirmed by an advocate, they can work on the case, fill relevant details and inform the advocate by clicking on “End Task”. Once the task giving advocate confirms, the task taker gets paid instantly in a few minutes.

Instant Payouts
All features free for juniors for a limited time
Hassle free applying and onboarding

Our Happy Customers

  • Gigsta has been a blessing for a junior advocate like me



  • Very nice app for advocates



  • Have completed multiple tasks in my city and the best part is Instant payments!


    Junior Advocate


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few queries that users have asked us and some that we want to answer

How is it useful to Advocates?

It is immensely useful to every practicing advocate as it empowers advocates to seek assistance of another advocate/s as when needed and also, junior advocates can seek guidance of senior advocates across the country. Gigsta App enables advocates to make India as his/her place of practice instead of a mere city/state. For more details please read brochure available on our website.

How can public make calls to connect with Advocates?

A public user has to download our app Gigsta which is available on Google Play and Apple App store. They have to sign up and then they have the option of making a payment of ₹500 to get connected instantly on the app itself with an Advocate or talk to a pro bono advocate for FREE

Are there any charges for internships?

It is absolutely free for students and Advocates who have signed up to add multiple internship requests on the app. 

Are there any charges for using the app?

It is absolutely free for Advocates who wants or choses to assist/ help other Advocates and they get reasonably paid for their services.

However, if an Advocate wants to activate his/her profile for unlimited task creation and public consultation, he/she needs to subscribe at ₹1200/- per year.

I am not an Advocate

This app is for public, to enable them to access instant legal consultation via audio/video calls through the app and Advocates would receive calls and provide guidance, legal consultation, document verifications, drafting of agreements, contracts, deeds, will etc., at most affordable cost across India.

Law students can also utilize this app for internships.

How is it useful to Law Students?

Law students can seek internships with law firms and advocates across the country and also, they can assist advocates by assisting them on tasks so that they get practical exposure to litigation and at the same time build network of practicing advocates to seek guidance from when required

How many advocates have joined the Gigsta App?

Currently, there are more than 4500 of them across 650 plus cities from 32 states and Union Territories and still growing rapidly in India

Gigsta App Link not working

Please copy and paste this link for Android:


or else, 

just type Gigsta on Google Play Store search

Please copy and paste this link for iOS App:


Or else,

Just type Gigsta on iOS App Store search

Not getting tasks on the app

It is fairly a new app and it might take few months to get familiar among Advocate fraternity and you get to see many tasks being posted and accepted by and between advocates. However, we strongly suggest you to build a network of independently practicing Advocates, who require assistance of juniors on day to day basis and request them to download this app and post tasks so that you can apply and complete task.

Why do you need my bank account details or UPI ID?

We only need your UPI ID to enable you to receive payments instantly through the app to your account for the tasks you have completed and also, to enable advocates to make payments for the tasks they create through the App – We use the most secured payment gateway – Razor Pay technology to process instant payments, which is being used by most of the reputed Apps

Why do you need our enrolment number/card ?

Since, this is an app for Advocates and the only way to verify your profile as an Advocate is through your enrolment number / card. Hence, we need it.

For Students and recent law grads, if the enrolment number is not received, they can use their College ID card for verification

For the public, there is no need for any verification ID

Pricing Table

First 5000 sign ups to get 50% off on our paid plans


Full access with access to audio/video consultation

Limited task creation
1 free task creation allowed
Unlimited tasks to work on
Phone and email support


3 Months

₹1200 ₹600

Full access with access to audio/video consultation

Unimited task creation
Valid for 3 months
Unlimited tasks to work on
24/7 support

1 Year

Full access with access to audio/video consultation

Unimited task creation
Valid for 12 months
Unlimited tasks to work on
24/7 support

₹2400 ₹1200

Download The App

Use our app to increase your productivity and help ease the growing burden of the pile up of cases across India

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